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Client Testimonials

Counselling is a personal process - These testimonials have been limited and anonomised to protect client confidentiality.

For more information to our unique approach, please get in touch.

Following recommendation from a peer, I made an appointment with South Tyneside Hypnotherapy to address, prodominately, a health-related anxiety.

Having already been through CBT to help in my managing of this matter and only knowledge of 90s TV hynotists, I approached with some level of scepticism, albeit an open mind and eager to address the figurative weight on my shoulders.

Upon attending, my hang-ups were immediately laid to rest. Phil is a calm, composed and empathetic individual who provides treatment in a spacious and warm room above a well-reputed Chiropidists in Jarrow town centre.

Whilst usually reluctant to talk about my problems, I found it very easy to talk to Phil. Having alluded to the issues i'd been suffering with, he explained the history of hypnotherapy and what he believed could be gained from a short course of sessions. He was open to my questions and through this transparency, I felt very comfortable in booking for treatment.

My subsequent appointments were half spent reviewing the time since my last visit and half in a state of hypnosis. The hypnotherapy itself as an unusual experience, everyone experiences it differently but in particular, I fail to remember most of it. I always felt safe, comfortable and was never asked to do anything that I wasn't ok with.

After 4 sessions, I feel I'm in a much better place mentally and physically. I have lost weight, my outlook is more positive, I'm sleeping better and I can commit to plans, which i previously struggled with. Most imortantly, I haven't had any panic attacks regarding my wellbeing, an issue which I encountered regularly prior to this.

For anyone contemplating hypnotherapy, I'd absolutely recomend it - go in with an open mind and you will walk out feeling a better person for it.


I looked into Hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety after starting divorce proceedings and looking into getting a mortgage on my own.

It really helped to calm me down and gave me tools to use in stressful situations.

Phil is really easy to talk to and has such a calming presence about him.

Thank you for all your help


The counselling service here really helped me through a challenging period in my life. 

My anxiety and overthinking were really taking over and I was feeling overwhelmed. Phil put me at ease, allowed me time and space to work through things at my own pace, ensuring I was comfortable and supported through some difficult issues. 

On reflection, it was a a unique experience that helped me in the time and also for my future. 

Thank you! 


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