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Better Than I Used To Be Podcast

Better Than I Used To Be is a Podcast based around people - their lives, their experiences and where relevant their experiences of mental health and how they dealt with issues related to mental health.

Available on YouTube. 

Episode 1 - Sean Condon

Sean is a retired teacher and now music promoter - this episode is audio only

Episode 2 - Geoff Thompson

Geoff is a successful business man and at the time of recording, Chairman of South Shields FC

Episode 3 - Daniel van Hymus

Dan is working in Marketing and is a football referee in the non-league

Episode 4 - Lisa Richardson

Lisa is a teacher who talks about life inside and outside of the workplace

Episode 5 - Lewis Ritson

Lewis is a former professional footballer who talks through the highs and lows of his career

Episode 6 - Annie Innit

Annie is a fellow therapist - and it's a wide-ranging conversation

Episode 7 - Tony Carter

Tony is a friend of mine who talks through the anxiety he has dealt with and the impacts it had on his life

Episode 8 - Callum Ross

Callum is a former professional footballer - at the time of recoding was playing for Spennymoor Town FC

Episode 9 - Julie Hindmarsh

Julie is a hypnotherapist specialising in weight-loss and weight control

Episode 10 - Kerry Crawford

Kerry wanted to come onto the podcast to share her story around the Health Anxiety that she deals with

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