Thought-Based Approach

Help for Your Life

Mission Statement

Embrace Life’s Challenges

To provide a professional, safe and confidential service for all. 

To guide and facilitate, while utilising both traditional and leading-edge techniques; an educational and therapeutic experience so clients can aquire:

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • A clearer focus

  • Life-giving tools

  • Resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggles

  • The want, the will and the choice to find peace in their lives


Person - Centred

Guidance and Inspiration

Supportive and empathetic, I use a person-centred approach to counselling - simply because this is the best approach to empower the client.

Once a client has clarity and rediscovers that they know themselves better than anyone, then the changes can happy.

My techniques include unconditional positive regard and ensure two things:

You are in control

You always have a choice.

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Make the Change

Hypnotherapy is a gentle talking therapy. It focuses a clients subconscious mind to help bring about positive change - change to thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions - but always changes that clients want to make. 

You will find yourself wonderfully relaxed after these sessions. 

Hypnotherapy is often a short course of treatment, with only a few sessions needed in most instances to address the particular issue. 

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About Me

A Guide to Phil McLeod, who will be your Therapist

Happily married with three sons. As well as my family my passions include rugby, football and MMA.

I have studied Hypnotherapy and Counselling with Chrysalis Not for Profit and Bereavement Counselling with Cruse (who I still volunteer with)

I have worked in various roles in the Public Sector, but since 2015, I’ve been working as a certified Counselling Professional who specialises in helping people cope with their issues.

I coach my clients in a way that utilises both their heads and their hearts nad draw an immense amount of pride and satisfaction in this career and I look forward to meeting you.

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