South Tyneside Hypnotherapy and Counselling passionately strives to be the premier mental health resource in our community. The vision is to optimise personal potential through expanding knowledge, timely intervention, encouraging dialogue, increasing awareness, and minimising stigma.


A catalyst for mental well-being, South Tyneside Hypnotherapy and Counselling will evolve, grow, and provide excellence in services at an affordable cost to our community. Responsive to the needs of clients, we will continue to foster, and nurture an environment that is safe, confidential, and professional.


To provide a professional, safe and confidential service for all

To guide and facilitate, while utilising both traditional and leading-edge therapeutic techniques, an educational and therapeutic experience so clients can acquire:

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • A clear focus of the issues, problems, patterns, etc.

  • Life-giving tools

  • Resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggles

  • The want, the will and the choice to find peace in their lives.

Our Values:

Respect: for our clients, our staff and our partner organisations, Jarrow Chiropractic and Jarrow Message Centre.

Inclusion: We work with everyone who needs our services

Excellence: We maintain the highest levels of practice, believing people work best in a culture of mutual support with professional oversight

Empowerment: we will help you find your own solutions

email: sthcs@yahoo.com      

telephone: 07913 743 019

telephone: 0191 483 6688